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Even without the clever name, this song is pretty rad. Funky beats, bassline, it's all good. I started doing more home-made effects, such as SGX-Brand Jimmy-Hacked Phazing (patent pending). On one of the synths I took the audio loop from it, cut off about one-eighth of a second off the end of the loop, brought it back into ACID and played it at the same time as the original. The modified loop was a tiny bit faster than the original since ACID would timestretch the audio to the beat, so playing them together made the synth sound a bit weird. I later found out that this was phasing. I think ACID had a phaser effect back then, but again, I never bothered looking for some reason.


from Outmoded - Vintage SGX, released May 5, 2004


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SGX Baltimore, Maryland

Making sweet ass beats with smart melodies and tasty textures since 2001, SGX rocks your face and soothes your soul at the same time.

Undulating gracefully between and amongst EDM texture extremes, SGX skillfully navigates the listener on a trip spanning heavy, aggressive, modern "bass music" EDM sounds and other genre staples like hiphop grooves, ambient soundscapes, and orchestral melodies.
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